Energy Rated Windows

As part of Evesham Home Improvements ongoing policy to offer the latest energy efficient products we are pleased to have been awarded 'BFRC' energy rating on all of our windows that we manufacture.

What is a BFRC Rating

The BFRC rating is an alternative method of defining the energy effiency of windows and doors.

The existing "U" value measurement only considers one element of the frame, whereas the BFRC rating takes into account a formula which covers thermal efficiency (U-value), the solar gain effect due to glass Specification (g-value) and the air leakage performance of the window.

The energy efficiency of a window is given a rating between A - G (A being best). The energy rating of the product is indicated on a colour coded labeling system (Above).

Selecting a manufacturer - what to look for

With so much choice in the marketplace, its hard to know where to start. If you want your windows to have a positive impact on the environment, the first step is to choose a reputable installer. Individual workmanship can effect the benefits of installing energy efficient windows; choose a company with the credibility and expertise to guarantee a first-class installation and ask to see their BFRC energy rating labels.

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